Michael’s Story


Michael was our son, our brother, our best friend.

My brother was a gentle, compassionate man with a great smile. My dad says that Michael was always asking questions, even as a little kid. He was really smart.

Upon graduating The Prep, while studying economics at the University of Pennsylvania, Michael began to experience anxiety disorders that eventually evolved into depression. He suffered silently, never complaining, not even to those closest to him. Virtually none of the people Michael encountered on a daily basis ever realized what he was dealing with 24/7.


Michael built an outstanding professional career, joining the SEI Group, a highly regarded international finance firm. (While at SEI, he earned a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) designation, the gold standard in investment analysis in just three years, something only 9% of those taking the courses achieve.)

In 2016, the City of Philadelphia recruited Michael to become Chief Investment Officer for its Pension Fund, where he proceeded to save taxpayers millions with a strategy initiated by him.

Michael’s Giving Hand is focused on helping teens, parents, counselors, coaches and teachers identify and manage anxiety disorders and depression.

We are committed to sparing others the unbearable pain and loss we feel. There is hope. We are with you.

Thank you for your continued support,


Ronald Donatucci, Jr.


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