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Ruby Barghini, M.D. Dr. Barghini is involved in Young Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Jaclyn Dietzold, M.D. Dr. Dietzold is interested in Child and Adolescent psychiatry and has an interest in young children.

Anisha Garg, M.D. Dr. Garg plans to enter Child and Adolescent psychiatry. She is interested in pervasive development disorders and learning disabilities.

Ian Peters, D.O. Dr. Peters will be starting a Child and Adolescent Fellowship at Drexel University. Dr. Peter’s interest is in Adolescent Substance Abuse.

Mark Novitsky M.D. Dr. Novitsky is board certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and practices in Washington DC with a special interest in Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry.

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