It’s tough being a teen today


A recent Time Magazine article stated that “being a teenager today is a draining full-time job that includes schoolwork, managing a social media identity and fretting about career, family finances, sexism, racism, shootings—you name it. Every fight or slight is documented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for hours or days after the incident. It’s exhausting.”*

In 2015, 3 million teens, ages 12 to 17 had had at least one major depressive episode in the past year; over 6.3 million teens have had an anxiety disorder. **


Experts suspect that these statistics are on the low end, since many teens do not seek help for anxiety and depression. In fact, only about 20% of young people with diagnosable anxiety disorder get treatment.

*Time Magazine, 10/27/16, Anxiety, Depression and the Modern Adolescent, Suzanna Schrobsdorff
**National Institute of Mental Health

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