Our Mission

Our mission is to bring mental health conversations out of the shadows and provide vital support and resources for teenagers and adolescents struggling with anxiety and depression.


Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Michael’s Giving H.A.N.D. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on helping teens, parents, counselors, and teachers recognize and understand anxiety disorders and depression. Established in 2016 by the Michael P. Donatucci Foundation, Michael’s Giving H.A.N.D. (MGH) seeks to bring anxiety and depression out of the shadows so that we can erase the stigma associated with the illnesses.


With the support of our mental health partners, including Jefferson Health, we educate the Greater Philadelphia community on adolescent anxiety and depression through our Educational Outreach Program. Our Adolescent Mental Health Counseling Program with Jefferson health, seeks to help teens and their families navigate these illnesses. 


Through these two programs, MGH bridges the gap that exists with most education based, nonprofit organizations, going beyond information to action.


At Michael’s Giving H.A.N.D., we are dedicated to the belief that every teenager and adolescent deserves access to mental health support and resources, regardless of their identity or background. We are committed to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all aspects of our work.


We celebrate and embrace the diversity of our community in the Greater Philadelphia area, recognizing that every young person is unique. We value and respect the different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and identities that make up the tapestry of our city. We actively seek to include a wide range of voices and experiences in our organization.


We are committed to providing equitable access to mental health services, education, and support for all teenagers and adolescents. We acknowledge that systemic barriers exist and strive to break down these barriers to ensure that every young person has the same opportunities to thrive.


We aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where all young people feel safe, heard, and valued. We actively work to address and eliminate biases and discrimination in our organization. We prioritize the mental well-being of those who have been historically marginalized.

Our commitment to DEI is not just a statement but a driving force behind the mission of Michael’s Giving H.A.N.D. We will continually assess our practices, policies, and programs to ensure that they are inclusive, culturally sensitive, and responsive to the unique needs of the teens and adolescents we serve. By championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we strive to create a world where every young person can access the mental health support they deserve, free from discrimination or prejudice.

To achieve our mission, we embark upon four action-oriented paths:



Knowledge is power which is why we promote awareness of anxiety disorders and depression through our Educational Outreach Program. We offer engaging presentations in partnership with our mental health faculty from the leading health care systems in the Greater Philadelphia region.



We have identified and vetted valuable resources to help you navigate the abundance of information found on the internet – the likes of which can produce anxiety as you wade through it all. In addition, through our Adolescent Mental Health Counseling Program, we provide financial assistance for the mental health evaluation for teenagers seeking help. The path to finding a mental health professional and obtaining the treatment necessary for a healthier future should not be cluttered with barriers. Together, we can and will break through these barriers.



Bringing anxiety and depression out of the darkness is a team effort. We work with healthcare professionals, educators, mental health advocates, community organizations, elected officials and individuals to advocate for comprehensive educational programs and equal access to much-needed care for these illnesses.



One of the most important goals of Michael’s Giving H.A.N.D. is to eliminate the stigma surrounding anxiety and depression. We aspire to foster compassionate communication, increase medical access, and create universal awareness for anxiety disorders and depression. No one should ever suffer in silence or feel ashamed. Anxiety and depression are disorders; they are not choices.


Together, with your support, we will make a difference in the lives of teenagers who struggle with anxiety and depression. To arrange a presentation for your organization, seek additional resources or partner with our mission, please email info@michaelsgivinghand.org