Michael’s Legacy Circle

The Mental Health Crisis Facing Our Teens

Tragically, suicide is the second leading cause of death for children and young adults ages 10-34, with 1 in 5 teens quietly suffering the ravages of anxiety and depression as a result of the stigma surrounding mental illness. We need your support to reverse these alarming statistics and shed light on this dark secret. When you give to Michael’s Legacy Circle, your donation allows us to provide equal access to information and resources that are proven to save lives!

The Impact – You Can Make A Difference

50% of mental illness begins by age 14. Let’s help our youth at a time they need it most. With your monthly donation of $30 to Michael’s Legacy Circle, you will ensure we continue to deliver impactful presentations through our Educational Outreach Program and connect at-risk, underrepresented teens to much-needed mental health care through our Adolescent Mental Health Counseling Program.

Here is How Your Donation is Spent:

One Presentation
One School
One Mental Health Assessment
Follow-up Mental Health Treatment – Financial Assistance
$120 - $400 per session
Educational Outreach
$3,000 per month

In our first two years, we delivered 54 presentations to students in 7th through 12th grades, parents, and educators, reaching over 10,000 people. We empowered them to notice the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression, offering tools and resources to make a difference in the lives of those struggling. When you join Michael’s Legacy Circle, you’ll strengthen our impact to provide equal access to information and resources that are proven to save lives.

As a result of our generous donors, we are able to provide these programs and services at no cost to the schools, organizations and families! However, the struggle is real and more prevalent than one could imagine. We need to reach more students, parents, and educators if we are going to reverse these alarming statistics. Your monthly donation of $30 will help us reach even more schools and communities in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. Your monthly donation will help us save lives!

Donate Monthly

Individual ($30/month)
Corporation ($300/month)

Donate Annually

Individual ($360 once a year)
Corporation ($3,600 once a year)

Goals and Benefits of Michael’s Legacy Circle


We seek 1,985 donors to join Michael’s Legacy Circle at $30 per month so that we may:

  • Reach more schools, organizations and communities through our Educational Outreach Program – increase number of presentations delivered & expand our geographic reach
  • Provide financial assistance for mental health care to those teens struggling with anxiety and depression
  • Develop an educational curriculum for schools to promote on-going awareness about adolescent mental illness


When you join Michael’s Legacy Circle, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgement on our website, if granted permission, on our Wall of Hope;
  • An invitation to our Annual MLC Appreciation Breakfast in Philadelphia, where we will seek your feedback on initiatives to educate communities and advocate for equal access to information and mental health care;
  • A semi-annual newsletter sharing tips, valuable resources and updates on our efforts to date;
  • A Michael’s Legacy Circle Car Magnet – help us promote awareness in your community; and,
  • A Tax Deduction

Wall of Hope –

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